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  • A Good Supply Firm Strengthens Your Brand Perception

    We are a secure company established to improve Turkey’s exports.
    We help companies operating in Turkey and manufacturing in different sectors market their products to countries outside of Turkey.
    We have the duty of a foreign trade distributorship, an export-based supply company.

  • Fast Delivery

    Just like you, our valued customers, it is extremely important for us to deliver on time and safely.
    For this purpose, our personnel in our company are specially trained and we serve you with the best teams.

  • Safe Transport

    Speed is not the only criterion for our services.
    While we deliver our customers’ products to their target points quickly, we also prioritize maximum safety.

The Best Solution for Your Products

As Albassam Foreign Trade, we continue our services by growing and improving ourselves day by day without compromising our principles and business ethics with our customer satisfaction-oriented working understanding, expert and solution-producing staff.

Since the first day of our establishment, we have been establishing partnerships with companies that will supply various product groups from Turkey with our quality-based service understanding in cooperation with foreign companies.

Our main goal is to bring together the companies that produce in various product groups in Turkey and the companies that are buyers from abroad and to contribute to the increase of foreign trade volume.

In line with this purpose, we develop ourselves in order to produce the best solutions for various needs and serve our customers with the most suitable infrastructure.

Worldwide Logistics Service

Albassam foreign trade aims to offer the best for buyers and sellers by leading the sector with its service understanding.

In our exports to many different countries, we provide 24-hour logistics services to meet the needs of buyers and sellers in the best way.

Thanks to special solutions produced for urgent needs, the problems and needs of our customers are met.

We can reach many parts of the world thanks to the wide transportation network we use to deliver products produced by sellers in Turkey to buyers abroad.

As a result of the connections we have made in cooperation with foreign companies, we supply the products determined quickly and safely.

Companies that want to meet their needs with increasing needs now demand products not only from within the country but also from outside the country borders.

If you have products that meet these demands and want to deliver these products to buyers, you can choose the services we offer as Albassam foreign trade.

Thanks to our developing logistics network, we always produce the best solutions for you, no matter which market you want to enter. With our developing infrastructure and newly opened branches, we find new customers for you and bring you together with these customers.

We help you sell your products with the best profit by preparing the best offers for your products. In cooperation with foreign companies, we receive new requests and contribute to the development of your company by conveying these requests to you.

Quality is Always Important to Us

We have managed to attract the attention of many people in the sector with the understanding of quality service we have gained since the day we started serving in the target market we have determined.

Fast Delivery

Just like you, our valued customers, it is extremely important for us to deliver on time and safely.

Safe Transport

Speed is not the only criterion for our services. While we deliver our customers’ products to their target points quickly, we also prioritize maximum safety.

We Deliver Your Goods Safely and on Time

Delivering products safely and on time is among our primary goals. In line with this purpose, we continuously improve our logistics infrastructure and produce the most suitable solutions for you.

We manage to provide the fastest transportation service with the special solutions we produce for products that need to be delivered within a certain period of time.

Especially, while cooperating with foreign companies, we are in search of new solutions to create the most suitable solutions so that our valued customers can benefit from our services quickly and safely.

The whole process is followed by expert teams and alternative solutions are produced for possible mishaps.

In this way, solutions are produced without any problems and products are delivered without delay.

Professional Process

Albassam offers a professional service to its customers by acting with a professional service approach. The agreements made are approached professionally and your rights are protected while cooperating with foreign companies. The best solutions are produced for your companies in your logistics services.

Thanks to our international connections, the most suitable market research is made for your products and the right investments are made in the right cities. In this way, companies that offer the best offers for your products are determined and sales are made.

Thanks to our transparent policy, our professional teams take care of the interests of your company by informing you about the price in purchases and sales. Thanks to the roles we have assumed in the agreements made, the best options for buyers and sellers are determined and these options are implemented.

Why U.S?

The only goal for Albassam is to export for buyers and sellers. Albassam, which has become a brand in the export market thanks to the services we have provided and the understanding of quality we have acquired since the day we were founded, has managed to become the most accurate export channel for vendors thanks to its dominance in the market.

We help sellers to deliver their products to the right places by staying in cooperation with foreign companies . By bringing sellers and buyers together, we assume the role of guarantors both in the supply of products and services and financially. With this role we assume, we help suppliers export high rates of goods and products and help them grow stronger by establishing connections with new companies.

Today, many companies that lead their sector can work with Albassam to export their products and services as much as they want and get what they want financially.